Be eclectic

Sometimes bending some conventional style rules is absolutely necessary if you want to be noticed. And even if you don’t want to be notice, but just want to be your unique self, eclectism might be the right way to go.


Eclectic style, Kate Moss

Eclectic home, Marie Olsen Nylander

Footstool Pip&Co









How to be eclectic
Eclectism is when you cannot choose a style of decorating and you mix and match with what you have and like. Some efforts, thoughts, and creativity is necessary to make the project in eclectic style look great and logically interconnected. There are a couple ingredients, such as furniture, color, fabric and finish, which can make an eclectic style look amazing and complete.

When creating an eclectic style, it is necessary to start with the right base, which is then decorated and brought into one piece of work by means of color, fabrics and finishes. When we take the image of the interior of Marie Olsen Nylander as an example we notice that she created a firm and white base. Then the use of fabric and colors of the cushions make the place look extra eclectic, but the white base and the black frames, the black lamp, the black bowls and the black accents in the cushion on the left pulls everything together. Even When you look at the vase on the table you notice that the colors of the vase resemble the colors in the wooden table, the leather chair and in some cushions. It all might sounds easy peasy but that is far from right, but with some thought (and loads of effort) you can create your perfect eclectic style.


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