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Love these vases of Sardinian brand Pretziada.

The owners, Ivano and Kyre, are a couple as well as two creatives with a background in set design, creativedirection and visual art. In January 2015 they moved to Santadi, Sardinia, to start Pretziada, a projectabout the Island and its treasures.

For more, visit the Pretziada website


andreas-gursky-k20klklandreas-gursky-k200klandreas-gursky-k2000klLove the abstraction in these pictures of German photographer Andreas Gursky. 

On show till November 2016 at Kunstsammlung NRW. 

* Kunstsammlung NRW website












FabienneRivory1kl FabienneRivory2kl FabienneRivory4kl FabienneRivory5kl FabienneRivoryklkl

Love these interactions between painting and photography by French artist Fabienne Rivory.


stephen shore4kl2 stephen shore5lkl2 stephenshore5klkl stephenshorekl

Love these images of photographer Stephen Shore. Shore has a major retrospective at Huis Marseille in Amsterdam.

Visit Huis Marseille’s website


Kristofer_Johnsson_1201kl Kristofer_Johnsson_1203klKristofer_Johnsson_1131kl

Love the blue in these images pictured by Kristofer Johnsson.




































Love the big layered text sculptures of Belgian artist Thomas Gromas. 

There is always a better place, a better thing according to Gromas. He pursues the fake reality, the manipulated environment and the artificial life. The repetition of words is a way to emphasize the idea behind it.





brother vellies58728_0_zoomkl brother vellies505adaede43a887e62d3bd6769d0a3kl brother vellies1047018_4_largekl Brother-Vellies-About-2kl Brother-Vellies-AboutklLove these shoes fmade by sustainable shoe company Brother Vellies.

Brother Vellies  enlists the help of African artisans and recycled materials to craft its chic takes on traditional footwear.











Look what American artist Amy Santoferraro did with the hundreds of BBs that kids shoot each other with in her backyard.












yayoik3kl yayoikklyayoik2kl

Lovely show on view of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s recent sculptures, mirror room installations and paintings at Victoria Miro in London. The 87-year-old Japanese artist has always had a thing for pumpkins; they have been a recurring theme in her work since the 1940s, unsurprising as her family cultivated seeds for a living.

*For more information, visit the Victoria Miro website

Or check Kusama’s Official Site



hotelsaint marcklhotel-saint-marc-3klhotel-saint-marc-1klhotel-saint-marc-5kl

Love the hotel Saint Marc. Never knew that windowdressing can be so powerful.


*Go to the website of Saint Marc







































turi heisselbergklLove these vases by Turi Heisselberg!

For more go to Turi Heisselberg Pedersen’s website



Love this wallpaper “Waynetopia” by Flavor Paper and artist Wayne White.

 White says this about it:

This is a mural I painted on the walls of my dining room. I wanted to capture the elegance and fantasy of 19th century murals and wallpaper and the fun of taking a trip. I love painting the landscape and then stepping into that world, if only with my eyes. Welcome to Waynetopia. Wayne White


*Go to the official White website here

Official White website


crosby studioskl

Chairs and shelves in powder-coated steel by Crosby Studios. We love it!


totem4kl totem3kl totem2kl

Love Ugo Rondinone’s latest land art project: seven stacks of Nevada limestone boulders adorned with fluorescent hues!


ar2 ari ari3 ari4 ari5 ari7

Wow, Love Epiphany. Gucci‘s pre-fall 2016 look book shot by Dutch photographer Ari Marcopoulos.

 Epiphany gives a behind-the-scenes look at Alessandro Michele‘s colorful collection of fur-collared floral jackets, yellow birds, and patterned snakes.


cohen2kl cohen3kl cohen4kl cohen5kl cohen6kl cohenkl

Love the work of American street photographer Mark Cohen.

The moment, when most of us would avert our eyes and move on, thats the moment Cohen makes his work, moving forward, toward children, young women, dirty and shirtless strangers, until his wide-angle lens is close enough to bump bellies.



These cards are so cute. It is the work of California based Dan Levin.
















versace-hkl versace-homekl Versaceklkl

Fashion house Versace recently introduced its new home collection.

 It’s a must-have for anybody that wants their house to look like a gaudy Palace of Versailles. And we love the colors.

Check official website here.


broom2kl broomkl


British designer Lee Broom recreated part of an Italian palazzo inside a delivery van for showcasing his latest lighting collection on the Milan Furniture Fair. Lovely!


parr10kl parr11kl parr2kl parr3kl parr4kl parr5kl parr6kl

Love these pictures. Real Food celebrates all things food through the eyes of the renowned British photographer Martin Parr.

*Go here to the website of Martin Parr


pink44a5f41efd96997bfbdf866a6c492ef5kl pink4b15e37110e22cd051fe16de53e402e8kl pink22klWe LOVE pink!


wavesiran-surfers-tk-body-image-1458734531klwavesuntitledklwavesiran-surfers-tk-body-image-1458734102klEaskey Britton has ridden swells across the globe, from her native Ireland to Tahiti. But in 2010, she jetted to lesser-known waters off the southeast coast of Iran. After hearing there might be surfable waves there, Britton and her friend Marion Poizeau, a filmmaker, headed to Baluchistan. After Poizeau posted a video of Britton’s ride online, demand for surfing in Iran led the duo to found Waves of Freedom, a nonprofit that helps empower girls and women through the sport.
We love it!













olivia-bee-kids-in-love-60 olivia-bee-kids-in-love-61olivia5kl olivia4kl olivia3klLove the dreamy, seventies inspired, photographs of Olivia Bee in Kids in Love.

*More of Bee on:




salmon creek farm2kl salmon creek farm3kl salmon creek1klsalmon creek1klsalmon creek1klLove Salmon Creek Farm project by artist Fritz Haeg.

Salmon Creek Farm is located two miles from California’s Mendocino coast in Albion, on 35 acres of mostly second-growth redwoods.

It was established in 1971 as a commune by a group of young people looking for something else, craving more than what mainstream culture was offering them. This commune, along with many others in this region at the time, grew out of the student protest culture of the late 60’s.

One by one the original communards moved away – three of whom settled on three sides of the property – until an official closing ceremony was held in 2012. With its purchase by artist Fritz Haeg in November 2014, Salmon Creek Farm starts a new chapter as a long-term art project shaped by many hands, a new sort of commune-farm-homestead-sanctuary-school hybrid. It continues as a place to take a step back from contemporary urban society for an extended community contributing to it’s revival and shaping it’s future.

*Watch Frieze videos about the past, present & future
of Salmon Creek Farm: “Part One: Beginnings”      & “Part Two: Futures

Going Off the Grid in California

The artist Fritz Haeg’s latest project at Salmon Creek Farm is a celebration of communal life.


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